Hi, I'm Julia Mosby :

I am a doer and a creative force, attracted to the things that come naturally to me, and intrigued by opportunities that come from inspiration. I find wholeness through connecting with others and am a fierce advocate for my fellow artists. I'd rather know how someone's heart is over what they're working on... something I find so crucially important after the great pause we've collectively experienced the past few years.  

My work has taken me around the world and fortunately the travel bug has never worn off. I live and work in New York City and spend a few weeks out of the year terrorizing my nice husband, conductor Julian Bigg, in Sweden where he lives and works.


I take my coffee black. 


Recently :


Watching :

Severance on Apple TV+ 


Working :

Re-discovering the delightful pinches of Meisner Technique with Meisner in Music, taught by the effervescent Jillian Paige.



Summer holiday in Sweden & my continued excuse to live my  A Little Night Music dreams.


How's your heart :

Thank you for writing me. Talk soon!