Hi, I'm Julia Mosby :

Human, wife, daughter, singer, actress, and master of self-deprecation and sarcasm. My work has taken me around the world and fortunately the travel bug has never worn off. I live and work in New York City and spend a few weeks out of the year terrorizing my nice husband, conductor Julian Bigg, in Stockholm, Sweden where he lives and works.


I’m a fierce advocate for my fellow artists, and I’d rather know how someone’s heart is over what they’re working on. I have an incredible job in NYC that supports my artistic path and lets me be the funniest one in the room. 


I take my coffee black. 


Recently :


Watching :

The Handmaid's Tale

Aunt Lydia might be the most frightening character ever created.


Working :

Finessing the art of being a corporate class clown.



Midsommar in Sweden and seeing my husband for the first time since October.


How's your heart :

Thank you for writing me. Talk soon!